Cold Pressed Carrier Oil

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Encourages hair growth & Reduces frizz

Rs. 1,157Rs. 575 100 ML

Brightens skin & fades dark spots

Rs. 869Rs. 439 100 Ml

Best for acne & oily skin

Rs. 839Rs. 439 100 Ml

Moisturizes dry hair and scalp, Tames frizzy hair

Rs. 677Rs. 357 100 Ml

Helps to reduce hyperpigmentation & Treats blemishes

Rs. 979Rs. 577 100 Ml

Controls premature graying

Rs. 797Rs. 379 100 Ml

Moisturizes skin and hair

Rs. 917Rs. 479 100 Ml

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles and Controls dandruff

Rs. 897Rs. 475 100 Ml

Strengthens and repairs hair, Lightens scars and marks

Rs. 709Rs. 379 100 Ml

Cold Pressed Carrier Oil

Explore our organic range of organically obtained cold-pressed carrier oils extracted from seeds, kernels, nuts, and fruits. All carrier oils in our selection are 100% organic and are best for aiding different facial, body, and hair problems for every skin and hair type.